Abbie Chatfield outrages Italian media after criticizing ‘sexist’ tradition: ‘All these Italians mad at me’

Abbie Chatfield has come under fire from Italian men after she publicly denounced a ‘sexist tradition’ while vacationing in the country.

The outspoken influencer, 26, was shocked when she went out for dinner with her boyfriend, and only her boyfriend’s menu had prices.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Abbie was called out for recognizing something very ‘unusual’ in Italy

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The podcaster and her reality TV star boyfriend, Konrad Bien-Stephens, had gone to dinner at a fancy restaurant in Venice.

His menu displayed the meal list without prices, but Konrad had prices next to each menu item.

Also at the restaurant, a shocked Abbie launched a rant on TikTok about the “sexist” tradition.

Abbie in Venice. Credit: Abbie Chatfield /instagram

“Only men have a menu with prices?” PATRIARCHY,” she captioned the video.

Abbie later shared that her rant sparked a bombardment of angry messages from local men, although she admitted she was “unknown” in the country.

The podcaster explained how many men had informed her that it was a “tradition” and that she should “respect” their custom.

But these justifications did not impress Abbie.

Abbie's Instagram stories.
Abbie’s Instagram stories. Credit: Abbie Chatfield/instagram

“I made Italian headlines because I talked about getting a priceless menu and now I have a lot of angry Italian men in my DMs saying I need to ‘take lessons’ “because I dared to say I should know how much I’m paying,” Abbie said on her Instagram Stories.

Abbie went on to joke that her rant had them both “kicked out of Italy”.

Later, she published articles published by local Italian news about the ordeal.

She observed that while many men called her opinion “ignorant” and asked her to “go home”, Italian women took her side.

“It’s definitely not true and it needs to change,” a local woman told her.

Abbie's rant on Instagram.
Abbie’s rant on Instagram. Credit: Abbie Chatfield/instagram

“Thank you for talking about it,” said another.

“A lot of sexist men in my DMs say it’s not about gender, but it’s also about women’s menu – so it’s about gender, it’s sexist, the whole notion is sexist…take control,” Abbie said.

It’s not the first time Abbie has been called on this trip to Italy.

Australians back home have called out the podcaster for sounding ‘privileged’ and ‘deaf’ for appearing to complain about his lavish holiday.

You can partly see where she’s coming from, without trying too hard to flaunt her whimsical journey and appear closer to the followers.

But some have been rubbed the wrong way by it, interpreting it as Abbie complaining about her luxury trip, when most Australians have been unable to travel for the past two years.

On Instagram, Abbie complained about aspects of the vacation, saying she ditched the airport business lounge because the “vibes” were better in the airport’s main bar.

In Venice, where their hotel room allegedly costs $15,000 a night, Abbie complained about the food.

“Lesson learned from this trip: Rich people and ‘rich’ experiences are boring,” she captioned a video.

“Just FYI. Take me to an ice cream shop stat.

Excerpt from Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Stories.
Excerpt from Abbie Chatfield’s Instagram Stories. Credit: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

“Please just appreciate these things because so many of us never get the chance,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I love Abbie but that’s not cool,” wrote another.

“Stop complaining about your super expensive trip!

“Own it! It’s not a “haha, I’m so relatable” thing.

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