A Rambo miniseries is the perfect end to Sylvester Stallone’s run

A Rambo TV series is reportedly in the works, and after five films, this could be a perfect way to wrap up Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo arc.

A Rambo The miniseries could give the iconic character brought to life by Sylvester Stallone the closure he has yet to pull off. Stallone’s portrayal of John Rambo was his first significant success outside of the Rocky series, with the character coming to embody the stereotypical image of the muscular action heroes of the 80s. At the same time, Rambo’s heartbreaking PTSD during the Vietnam War made him one of the most vulnerable characters on the planet. emotional shot of Stallone.

From 1982 with First blood, based on the eponymous novel by Dave Morrell, the Rambo the series seemed to come to an end with the years 1988 Rambo III, until Stallone relaunched the franchise with the 2008 sequel Rambo. Discussions over a fifth film swirled back and forth over the next few years until it was finally made thanks to Stallone’s return in Rambo: last blood in 2019. While the title apparently hints at the film as the series’ concluding chapter, there might be another Rambo story in the works, and this might actually be the best place to end the show. Rambo saga.


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Millennium Media is reportedly developing a number of TV spinoffs for some of the company’s popular franchises, including The Expendables and Rambo. What is interesting in the mention of Rambo in particular, it’s the latest proposal for a continuation of a franchise that keeps coming back to movie screens, but today it’s not as big as it once was and doesn’t fail at such a level as most studios would say it’s time to quit. A Rambo A TV series focused on his son was even launched at one point and the return to this format could be advantageous because Rambo could now have the opportunity to make a true final arc worthy of the character.

Financially, the Rambo series culminated with the transport of $ 300 million of Rambo: First Blood Part II in 1985, but the franchise has never reached such box office heights since. At the same time, Stallone brought Rocky’s story to fruition with the appropriate series ending in the 2006s. Rocky balboa and the roles of mentor of the Italian stallion in the first two Creed movies. What are the last days of Stallone Rocky the films have made the Rambo movies that haven’t been present yet could be seen as an organic ending to Rocky’s story. Despite its title, there is not much Rambo: last bloodends to position him as the end of the series, and it can just as easily be read as Rambo going to his next battle.

What’s different today compared to Rambo’s heyday is the rise in popularity of long-form storytelling through streaming shows, and the franchise could find a more solid foundation to wrap up as a final chapter. episodic in Rambo’s story than doing the same with another theatrical film. Stallone also announced Consumables 4 as his last turn with the action hero set, and although he made statements to the contrary, there is reason to believe Creed 3 could be Rocky’s swan song. While Rambo isn’t the behemoth in theaters he once was, Millennium’s plans for a Rambo The series might be more than John Rambo’s next adventure, but the perfect setting to finally wrap up its long story.

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