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Personal Payday Loan for Self Employed

To be autonomous is to work in a liberal way, providing services to companies or anyone, without employment relationship.

The professional is favored by the ease of finding jobs and by dealing less with the bureaucracy of a fixed job.

However, you need to maintain financial control and manage your career. If you fit that profile find out more about personal payday loan for self employed and how this type of credit can help you on your way to success.

The objective of these companies that make loans available is to optimize the offer, and to reduce the abusive interest rates proposed in the common market.


Microcredit  Loan for self-employed

Microcredit  Loan for self-employed

Microcredit is intended for small businesses with annual revenues of up to R $ 120,000.00. As prerequisites, it is necessary to have CNPJ registration, and proof of repayment capacity in order to avoid inconvenience to the institution providing the loan. It still has lower rates, not exceeding 4%.

Already the loan for autonomous does not depend on proof of income, and can be requested as an individual. However, the bureaucracy to have access to this modality is much greater, in addition to the rates being greater than the conventional ones, precisely because the supplier does not have guarantees of receipt.

A stand alone loan can help you develop your business.


How to get a personal payday loan for freelancers?

How to get a personal payday loan for freelancers?

In order to have access to the loan, companies ask the applicant to fill out a form, which will be used for financial analysis of the client.

After the analysis of data, the credit will be released, unless the financial assesses some risk in granting the credit.

The loan can also be used for other purposes such as discharge of the company’s debts. However, the entrepreneur must be attentive, because the debts can end up disturbing the business.

In addition, it is important to maintain the financial organization to avoid incurring new debts.

Some companies that provide this type of loan online are:

  • Lenders;
  • Goku;
  • Simply;
  • Kwartaman.

All the companies mentioned above are banking correspondents, that is, they are not actually banking institutions, but are authorized by the Central Bank to enter into partnerships with banks to make a loan.

However, although some have less bureaucracy, rates will be higher, so research hard!

Avoid scams!

If any institution, bank or correspondent, asks you for an early deposit, do not proceed with the transaction! This is fraud according to the Central Bank, and you should report it!


personal payday loan to the autonomous Economic Federal

personal payday loan

When it comes to personal payday loans for self-employed, the most appropriate financial institution for this subject is Economic Federal.

In addition to representing nationally autonomous investors of various standards, from the beginner to the successful, and help small investors who dream of working on their own.

The company still has several options for personal payday loans for freelancers, just go to the nearest agency and talk about your business with management.

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